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About Us

About Our Company
Al-Olayan Kitchens Co. was established in 1977 in Riyadh. We are one of the first kitchens companies to receive an (Aluminum Factory license) in all Saudi Arabia.
Who We Are
We started as fabricator for Aluminum doors and windows. During that time, we had only one factory, (part of which was the showroom) and a maximum number of 20 personnel. 
Currently, among kitchen fabrication business, we have the biggest number of showrooms and factories in all Saudi Arabia. 
We have 2 enormous warehouses and 2 considerable factories that cover the three main branches in Saudi Arabia (Eastern, Western & Central). 
The main job of these factories and warehouses is to furnish our showrooms with our latest high quality kitchens.
There are 500+ personnel working now in these facilities and their aim is to provide the best services and product for our customer. 
We are confident to say that we have an endless list of satisfied customers from all the outskirts of Saudi Arabia and the neighboring GCC countries.

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