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Conditions that must be taken into account when designing the kitchen are utilize the largest possible area in the kitchen while providing a place for storage


Never use chemicals

Cleaning 1

The kitchen is the most important part of the home, since that is where the woman spends most of her time. Also, It is considered a sensitive part, because the process of preparing food takes place in it, and any violation of health and hygiene conditions leads to exposure to diseases for the whole family. Many times we have heard about the family members being food poisoned or getting  digestive system problems which could cause death in some cases. So the woman needs to have a clean kitchen at all times to keep everyone safe

Cleaning 2

All kitchen cleaning tools must be placed in an accessible location, in order to prevent messing large areas of the kitchen during cooking

Cleaning 4

Install a cook hood above the stove to absorb all vapors and prevent the accumulation of fat grime on the walls of the kitchen

Cleaning 5

Try not to leave the pots dirty for long periods, since it will make it more difficult to remove the stains. Also this way it becomes a suitable place for the growth of different pathogens, and cause the spread of filth in different areas of the kitchen


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